The ACT School Sport Council is responsible for the efficient management of the School Sport ACT Office and oversees the operation of the School Sport Management Committee.

The Council also develops and approves all major policies and provides strategic direction to the organisation.

The Council consists of an independently appointed chair and seven other members who are highly experienced members of the SSACT stakeholder community. Representation includes the three sectors of education and community sport.

The Council meets four times a year to discuss and resolve current issues affecting SSACT and holds an Annual General Meeting in the first term of each school year.

2016 Council Members

Chris Nunn OAM - Chair

Andrew Wrigley
Executive Director of Association of Independent Schools

Fran Hinton
Former Chief Executive of Department of Education

Rebecca Kelley
Deputy Director of Sport and Recreation Services

Sandy Daley
Lecturer, Sport and Exercise Science, University of Canberra

Rebecca Tanner
Faculty of Health, University of Canberra

Tim Gavel
ABC Sports Journalist and Radio Commentator

Julie Douglas
Chair SSMC and CEO representative

Anton Pemmer
Director of Bottles of Australia